Wednesday, 12 May 2010

feedback experiment 1

Hi all,

below is the feedback for experiment 1


On the whole a great effort. However there are some general comments that need to be addressed.

- the language of your blog should be english, marks have been deducted for not changing the language settings

- scan your drawings, do not take photos of them, adjust the scanned images in photoshop so they are straight, marks have been deducted for not doing this

- if you have lots of wild forms and shapes, giving them each a different texture, colour and or material renders the form making to just a collage. Collages are 2d, you are working in 3d.


strength ?
weakness lack of understanding that the ground is solid

strength spatial changes of the upper level studio
weakness need to spend more time developing the underground studio, think about
manipulating the ground plane

strength tension of revealing the obscured object
weakness the stair should allow you to experience the whole object especially from

strength dynamic roof
weakness the upper level studio looks like misplaced furniture

Cathy Xu
strength great spiral staircase and form making
weakness underground studio has a pancake ceiling low flat and boring

strength the upper level studio tubular spaces are great but need to exaggerate
them more
weakness still largely an extrusion and under developed

strength some of the sections
weakness no way of seeing the design as a whole. It is not described.

strength fantastic combination of building and landscape
weakness a little to many rooms

strength experimentation with form making is inventive especially the stairs
weakness too many objects that do not need to be there distract the overall harmony

strength complexity
weakness complexity

strength compositionally striking
weakness colour combination. Is this a beautiful colour combination

strength the spatial variety in the upper level studio
weakness animation needs to illustrate spatial experience

strength persistence with pursuing one idea
weakness the execution of this idea

strength the cavelike nature of the underground studio
weakness both the gallery and the upper level studio are very undeveloped

strength spatial composition
weakness some of the materials contradict the forms, some of the forms contradict
the desired use of natural light

strength the simplicity has an elegance to it
weakness understanding that the earth is solid, lack of materiality of the upper level studio

strength dynamic form of the upper level studio
weakness the lower level studio is an inferior version of your section. why?

strength clear forms
weakness animations are not acceptable

strength the stairs and the inventiveness of the forms
weakness too many materials and textures

strength overall complexity of the forms
weakness spatially not much better than an office building

strength dynamic roof
weakness studio is a left over platform, no interaction with the ground, underground studio a
shoebox with a skylight

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